Welding and Assembly

Power of sound vibration

Ultrasonic welding gives a stronger and safer junction between components. It’s perfect for products with a long shelf-life.

This welding technique is indeed fast, efficient and absolutely eco-friendly, cause it doesn’t need any chemical.

Ultrasonic welding efficiently replace all the traditional assembly methods (with their solvents and adhesive usage). Mechanical resistance and watertight are guaranteed!

We assemble (really) everything

We specialize in mechanical, electromechanical, electronic assembly.

We follow our clients step by step, from process conception to feasibility study, whether is a little or big quantity order.

We work with pneumatic presses, electric screwers, self-powered micro-welding stations. Our workstations, protected EFD, allow us to work even specific products, sensitive to electrostatic discharges.

We prototype tools and other customized equipment, specifically made to manage very particular orders.


We know the most efficient and convenient way.